Before surgery at 432 lbs, Alex had  such severe sleep apnea that he was drowsy all the time. One year later & 210 lbs lighter his BMI went from 71 to 31 and he’s WIDE AWAKE!

“Dr. Castro has a way of interacting with you that makes you feel very comfortable through a process that seemed so very uncomfortable. Having weight loss surgery is not the easy way out and it takes a lot of work. His level of professionalism as well as that of his staff is like no other I have ever experienced. One year and 8 months later my relationship with Dr. Castro and his team has grown. I am 230 pounds lighter, no longer have severe sleep apnea, hypertension is resolved and am living a healthier and happier life. If you’re thinking about having weight loss surgery, you need to see Dr. Castro and his staff!” Alex


Kay started her weight loss journey at 307 lbs. She wanted to improve her hypertension and problems with weight bearing joints.

She has lost 158 lbs and her BMI went from 58 to 28. She has maintained her weight for over 2 ½ years!

“I love Dr. Castro! Not only for his low-key approach, his calmness and serenity, but also for his patience with my many questions and his utter honesty. I knew what to expect at each stage of the process and felt prepared for surgery. His staff, the prep class before surgery, and the support groups since have all been critical to my success.

I’m busier, happier and able to do things I couldn’t before – Things that vary from being as simple as crossing my legs and fitting comfortably in booths and airline seats to things I NEVER thought I’d do – Like planning my first half marathon!

I highly recommend Dr. Castro and his team!” Kay


Before my gastric bypass surgery in April 2012, I was diabetic, had hypertension, high cholesterol, low energy, no to low mobility, in a wheelchair, no ambition to exercise (even to walk from my bedroom to the kitchen), bad self image, depressed, guilty eater, yo-yo dieting, no ambition for a relationship and I was on 8 medications. During the surgical preparatory class, when the presenter said we would need to work up to 5000 steps, I was laughing to myself thinking that wasn’t going to happen.”

Jason has lost 101 lbs in 3 months.

“It’s been three months since my surgery and my self image has greatly improved. I love to exercise now, I’m not taking any meds, and I’m out of my wheelchair and walking a minimum of 5.5 miles to 12 miles at a time 5 days a week. I have no guilt about eating, no depression, it’s easier to breathe, and my pain is virtually non-existent. I am healthier than my friends that are athletes, people tell me l look good now and I have gone from a size 50 waist to 40 waist in just three months after surgery.

Dr. Castro is honest and compassionate. With him, you’re not just another patient. He wants you to be successful and he wants you to be happy! He is one of the few doctors that is available for you 24/7. He is a great surgeon, especially with dealing with my past surgery scar tissue issues. His team is just as impressive. They are always available to you anytime. You can call them as much as you need to. They are very friendly and honest. I feel that they truly care about me and my progress.” Jason


At 406 lbs. and a BMI of 50, Dwayne suffered from  GERD, sleep apnea,  hypertension and osteoarthritis.

After losing  200 lbs. he went from taking 12 different medications daily to only 2!

He has maintained his weight loss for over 4 years!


After trying diet after diet and even prescription drugs, Detra couldn’t lose weight and keep it off.

18 months after her Gastric Bypass, her BMI has dropped from  42.6 to 26.

Detra has lost 113 lbs!


Heather was tired of losing the same weight over and over. She has 3 small sons and felt her weight was getting in the way of being a  good mom. She lost 70 lbs in 10 months with her Gastric Sleeve!


Joe wanted a gastric bypass to improve  his diabetes and overall health.

Before surgery, Joe weighed  350 lbs.  Six months later, he’s lost 140 lbs and gained muscles!

“Prior to having gastric bypass surgery, my health was at its worst. At 350 lbs., I had diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol along with severe fatigue. After losing 172 lbs., my life has changed dramatically! I no longer have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I am totally off all my medications! I now bike 90 miles a week along with weight lifting and running. More importantly I’m enjoying my new life with my family. From the very beginning of this process, Dr. Castro and his team have been great.  At each visit I’m greeted with support of my progress and excitement about my new life. They are always very encouraging. It has been such a positive experience!” Joe


Lakisha wanted to increase her energy to keep up with her children and improve her quality & length of life.

Five months after her gastric sleeve surgery she’s already  lost 50lbs!

“Thanks Dr, Castro for my New Beginning. I am a 32 year old mother of two sons (5&16). I have been battling with my weight since the birth of my second child. I tried several diets and actually lost a few pounds but could never maintain the weight loss. My kids are very active in school functions and sports and due to being overweight I never had the energy to be there for them as much as I wanted to. In August of 2011 I decided to do something about my weight issue. I set up a consultation to see what Dr. Castro could do for me. My 1st visit to the office was very soothing and the staff was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. All the procedure options were fully explained to me and Dr. Castro assisted me in making the best decision for me. The office kept me in the loop as to what was going on every step of the way. On the day of my surgery the entire team from NBSG came to visit me. That meant so much to me. Dr. Castro treats his patients as if they are a member of his family. He truly cares about each and every one of us. I owe my success to Dr. Castro and his team. Because of them, I have my life back. I am able to be an active part of my son’s life again. My life has changed mentally and physically. I feel that my quality of life has already improved and it will only get better with time. If I had to do all over again, I would!

Thanks Dr. Castro and the New Beginning Surgical Team for my NEW BEGINNING” Lakisha


Maria wanted to have surgery so that she could become more healthy, become more active and someday become a mom.

Seven months after her gastric bypass, Maria has lost 130 lbs!

“I’m so happy that I had surgery with Dr. Castro. I am healthier, have more confidence and able to be more active. I just feel BETTER!  I am especially happy that I now get to work with Dr. Castro at New Beginnings and help other patients!” Maria


Melissa wanted to prevent obesity-related medical problems in her family history. One year after surgery, she has lost 95 lbs. and 95% of her excess weight! The photo to the left  demonstrates both Dr. Castro and  Melissa’s happiness with her weight loss.

“I had always heard wonderful things about Dr. Castro. When I first saw him he was so laid back and so patient with me.  He answered all of my questions and thoroughly reviewed all the weight loss surgeries. I think my visit was over an hour & 15 minutes.  I knew right then and there he was the doctor I was going to stick with. He has such a great bedside manner. Each time he saw me after surgery he took his time, not like other doctors that pop in and out of rooms. During my post op period any questions that I had, he would always call me back and reassure me about my situation. His staff is also caring, helpful, and very knowledgeable about all of the insurance plans. You have to take the time out to get to know the staff and be patient because they are there to help us get what we need to be approved by our insurance plans. Dr. Castro is the best, most sincere and caring surgeon I have ever met. I would recommend Dr. Castro to everyone!!!!!” Melissa


At 207 lbs. Sophie suffered from GERD and Oteoarthritis.

After losing 107 lbs. her health has improved and  she can now sleep lying  down since her GERD is gone!


Deeply Grateful

Dr Castro, words cannot express how deeply grateful I am to you, your staff, how grateful I am for all of your support and caring for the past couple of months. I don’t think I have ever felt more happier, confident and energetic as I am right now. Thank you for everything, —P.P.

You Basically Get the “Best”

My first impression of Dr. Castro was that he was a true medical professional. He was very polite and spoke calmly without a rush. My impression of him from beginning to now is still sustained. I cannot truthfully say anything negative about him. My patient experience with him has been superseded by any expectations I might have had.

His office staff was kind and professional. If there is one thing any patient should know about him, is that he has the human component that is so much lacking in the medical profession. He genuinely cares for his patient without any biases or discrimination. He covers risk in detail and answers truthfully to any concerns. I would rate him higher than a 10 if it was possible.

With Dr. Castro you get the best care from A to Z because his surgical competence is a proven track record and his bedside manner is at the highest level. You basically get the “Best” at your service. —M.E.

He Is What Every Doctor Should Be Like:

Dr. Castro is a wonderful surgeon but above all he is an outstanding person. He makes you feel like you are the only patient in the world for him, he takes all the time you need answering questions, he really cares about you.

All his staff are very professional and courteous. He made me feel so confident and he was so caring about me and my husband since we both had the surgery with him. To me in a few words he is what every doctor should be like. —J.J.

I Loved Dr. Castro the Moment I Met Him!

I loved Dr Castro the moment I met him. He seems so kind and warm hearted as well as knowledgable. His staff was great and very helpful too. They all took their time with me and answered every question I had. I am looking forward to a new and better life. —C.R.

You’re the Greatest!

Dr. Castro,
Just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to help me prior to surgery and after surgery! You’re the greatest! Thanks again, —B.V.

My Deepest Appreciation.

Dear Dr Castro.
My deepest appreciation for all you did for me! From a very grateful size 6. Thank you! —E.R.

The Surgery Has Changed My Life!

Dear Dr Castro.
I just want to thank you so much for everything. The surgery has changed my life for the better and I owe it all to you. Sincerely, —Y.V.G.

Why Not Go With the Best?

IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY LOOKING FOR A BARIATRIC SURGEON, WHY NOT GO WITH THE BEST??? I did a lot of research before I chose my Dr. I attended his seminar twice, and asked him many questions before I made an appt with him. I was amazed at the speed in which his office staff gets things done!!
From day one, his staff was superb in getting my surgery date!! I chose Dr Manuel Castro because I deserve the very best! He is extremely informed, talented, and has an infectious happy attitude. I want to be THE best success story for Dr Castro. —C.J.

This Was The Best Thing I Have Ever Done!

Dr.Castro is professional while having a warm caring attitude. He answered all my questions about pre and post-op without ever being condescending or making me feel stupid. My impression of him only got better with & after surgery. He talked with me while the anesthesia was being started (just when you are thinking you should get up and run!)

The office staff were terrific; I never had to wait long for an appt. and were very friendly. The bariatric coordinator and her asst., helped get the paperwork done and NEVER gave up when working w/my insurance.

I cannot say enough about what a terrific experience this was for me. It has already made me feel this was the best thing I have ever done for myself! —M.C.

Best 4 years in a row

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